Total Hockey Launches HockeyGreen

With the tagline “Reduce your carbon stickprint,” Total Hockey’s recycling initiative focuses on composite hockey sticks. This new initiative focuses on aligning Total Hockey’s business practices with environmentally friendly strategies in an effort to reduce its ecological impact.

“We are excited to launch the first genuine hockey equipment recycling effort in North America,” says Michael Benoit, president and CEO of Total Hockey.

HockeyGreen provides players with an incentive to recycle their broken and unusable composite hockey sticks instead of just throwing them away. HockeyGreen rewards customers for going green. Every broken composite hockey stick is eligible for a $10 credit towards a qualifying stick purchase at Total Hockey. Beginning June 1, customers are asked to bring broken sticks to their local Total Hockey retail store. In early August, customers will be able to recycle their old sticks online at and apply the $10 credit towards online stick purchases.

The goal of the program is to collect broken composite hockey sticks from hockey players around the nation to build a large inventory that can be used in the research and development of discovering a way to capture and extract the carbon fiber and develop a method to reuse these materials in the creation of new products.

“We have wrestled with this concept for the last 18 months because of the evident challenges of reclaiming carbon fiber from stick materials. We finally decided not to wait any longer,” Benoit says. “Instead, we are offering the recycling industry a chance to capture the T Prize, an award aimed at incenting engineers and material processors to uncover the secrets of carbon fiber recapture from composite hockey sticks.”

In an effort to find a way to recycle carbon fiber, Total Hockey is taking on the task of collecting and housing large amounts of carbon fiber materials to provide to organizations focused on the research and development process of recycling these materials. The third-party organizations will focus on either the reuse of carbon fiber materials or the use of carbon fiber materials in experimental research.

The T Prize is a $100,000 award being offered by Total Hockey for the individual or company that can develop an economically viable process for the extraction and reuse of carbon fibers from composite hockey sticks.

“Total Hockey is in the process of recruiting and assembling a small team of experts to help us define the specific requirements for T Prize qualification and we expect to release the specifics before the end of the year,” Benoit states. will feature updates on the T Prize, including the announcements on the expert panel selection, specific parameters for qualification for eligibility for the T Prize and delivering the award planned for late 2012.

“I am ecstatic about the opportunity to do something about the environment within our sport. It is wonderful to recycle bottles, cans and paper, but to be a pioneer in a major initiative involving the recycling of hockey gear itself is fantastic,” says Benoit.

Total Hockey is committed to demonstrating progress in environmental understanding and practices to help reduce its ecological impact in the world. The hockey retailer is actively pursuing avenues to engage the hockey community in its green efforts to not only raise awareness, but also provide solutions to minimize the organization’s carbon footprint. These endeavors focus on implementing strategies to further reuse, recycle and reduce products and services at Total Hockey.

Editor’s Note: Total Hockey is the title sponsor for Grow the Game: Passionate About Growing the Game of Hockey and the exclusive ice hockey equipment retailer of USA Hockey.

Elevate Your Game with the Bauer Vapor X:50 Skate

The X50 skate is a level down from the Bauer X:60, the top-of-the-line skate in the Vapor lineup. The Vapor X:50 uses X-rib technology to give the skater better durability and support and also provide great acceleration and maneuverability. This skate uses the Tuuk lightspeed runner, which you will also see on other high-end skates from Bauer. To make the skate lightweight but also stiff, Bauer used a full composite outsole. The tongue also features a nice form-fit feature and a high-density metatarsal guard to protect against lace-bite. Click here to read the full review.

Total Hockey: Virtual Skate Fitting

The great thing about shopping online is that you can always find what you want. But what happens when you’re not sure what you want? What happens when you find so many options that it’s more baffling than beneficial. That’s how shopping for ice skates online can be—visit and you’ll find 97 different ice skates from 7 brands. The information overload is enough to make you head for your car keys.

Anyway, why would you even contemplate buying an item online that requires perfect fit for comfort? Convenience. No driving to the store, which may be 30 minutes away or more. No try-ons with staff who may or may not be helpful. No trip to another store when the skate you want turns out to be out of stock. When I heard through the grapevine that Total Hockey offers virtual skate fitters—customer service personnel specifically trained to help you select skates via phone or chat—we had to try it.

Select skates in the time it takes to drive to the store…

My 13-year-old son and I had 30 minutes before a practice one day, so we made the call on speaker phone in front of the computer. My son asked for “a pump skate” he was interested in. Our skate fitter helped us immediately find the skates, and then started asking and answering questions:

  • How old are you?

  • How many hours a week do you skate?

  • What model skates do you have now?

  • What size are you wearing now?

  • How do your current skates fit?

  • What is your interest in these particular skates?

After confirming that the skates we were interested in were ideal, we started in with our questions:

  • What is the difference between this year’s model and last year’s?

  • Are these good for narrow feet?

  • How will these help with his ankle problems?

  • What is the life of these skates, given how many hours he skates?

  • Will he outgrow them before they wear out?

  • Can you take off the lace lock?

  • Can you get another color?

  • How is the blade?

  • What if we need to return them?

  • Why these skates? What makes them so special?

Our knowledgeable skate expert answered all our questions, with no hesitation, no matter how obscure. He helped us place the order for these skates, with assurances that we can just call UPS to pick them back up at your house if they don’t work.

Then on to my 8-year-old. We described his boxy feet, his aggressive skating, his current shoe and skate size—and, of course, our price range for a rapidly growing kid. Our virtual skate fitter helped select the perfect skate and size for him as well, a bargain at under $100.

But do they fit…

The order process was painless and took less time than driving to store. But the big test of the virtual skate fitting occurred when the skates arrived. Do they fit? From what we could tell, yes. But for the purposes of this story, we took them to a brick-and-mortar store to check. (Plus, we still needed heat molding and the all-important first sharpening.)

The fitter at the store confirmed that my 13-year-old’s skate choice was ideal, especially for his specific ankle issues. In fact, the employee even mentioned that the skate was “far and away the most comfortable skate he’d ever worn.” My 8-year-old’s skates turned out to fit perfectly as well. And it wasn’t a waste of time buying online and then heading to a store for molding—because the junior skate, a brand-new model, wasn’t in yet and the youth skate was out of stock.

Give it a try…

Total Hockey’s virtual skate fitters are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, at 866-929-6699. Or, visit and click Chat in the lower-left corner. The product specialists can help with all your hockey needs—sticks, pads, helmets, etc.—and answer all your questions.

Total Hockey: Bauer Supreme TotalOne Skates

Overview: These are the most customizable skates on the market, featuring an adjustable tongue and many other features created by NHL players themselves. Let’s break this down scientifically.

  • ANAFORM FIT: Through anatomical thermoforming, the skate can be heated to create a natural, 360-degree custom fit. This leaves less negative space, allowing for a real performance advantage on the ice.

  • REFLEX TONGUE: All the pros had different preferences of tongue stiffness in their skates. Some like a medium, bendable tongue and some liked stiff or even extra stiff. With Reflex Tongue, you can customize the stiffness of your skate’s tongue with Bauer’s state-of-the-art ALIVE composite tongue design, which allows the player the option for a medium, stiff or extra stiff tongue.

  • TOTAL EDGE COMFORT: The Total Edge Comfort feature is designed for the player to avoid abrasions high on the ankle during the break-in process. This idea came from the pros also, as they were requesting the top edge of their skates to be soft and spongy.

  • TUUK FUSION RUNNER TECHNOLOGY: This runner design fuses the strength of Bauer’s stainless steel with high-grade aluminum, reducing the weight of the runner by 27% and allowing for greater pull on the ice.

Skill level: This skate is intended for the high-level hockey player, as most of these concepts and technologies come directly from the pros themselves.

Competition: Bauer’s legacy has been high-quality and innovative skates for 82 years. To many, there is no competition. However, some players prefer to wear top-of-the-line skates from Reebok, Graf or even CCM and Easton.

Conclusion: Bauer has produced the most customizable skates in this market’s history. If you really do want to skate like a pro, this will get you one step closer.

Retailer: Total Hockey is your source for all hockey equipment, including the Supreme TotalOne skates from Bauer. With a huge selection of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Total Hockey has it all. Visit today. Total Hockey. We Don’t Do Anything Else.

Total Hockey: Stick and Win!

Total Hockey's Stick and Win contest challenged participants to place their Total Hockey stickers in a fun, creative and unique place. After the sticker was placed somewhere cool, participants were asked to take a picture of their creativity and submit it to

Total Hockey’s Panel of Judges selected seven finalists and then opened the voting to the public for one week. After more than 1,200 votes were submitted, Emilee Herbolich earned the most votes and was proclaimed the winner. For her winning entry entitled Eat, Sleep, Drink, LIVE Total Hockey, Emilee won a pair of the brand new pair of Bauer Supreme TotalOne ice skates. See all of the winners here.

Stay tuned for more contests from Total Hockey. Total Hockey. We Don't Do Anything Else.

Sponsor: Brian’s Zero-G Custom Goalie Equipment

Overview: Brian’s, one of the oldest custom goalie equipment manufacturers, has made its comeback with the Zero-G series. The lightweight construction and innovative features along with the handmade craftsmanship really make it one of the best pads in the industry. The pad’s top feature is its revolutionary closed cell Briotek construction, making it the lightest goalie pad – ever.

Skill Level: If you’re not a serious and skilled goalie playing at a high level, then don’t bother.

Competition: Vaughn Velocity 4, Reebok Pro, Bauer Pro

Conclusion: Brian’s, known for its comfort and customization, just found a new niche.

Get It Now: Total Hockey is your source for all hockey equipment, including Brian’s Goalie equipment.  With a huge selection of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Total Hockey has it all. Visit today. Total Hockey. We Don’t Do Anything Else.

Total Hockey Review: Warrior Franchise Gloves

warrior_franchise_gloves_postOverview: Warrior’s Franchise Gloves are what the pros wear. Very similar to other brands' “pro” gloves in comfort, weight and feel, the Franchise gloves are designed to be game-ready right off the shelf. Franchise is a high-end glove consisting mostly of nylon materials, which are very popular in the NHL because of their light-weight feel and easy break-in time.

Skill Level: Warrior Franchise gloves can be worn at any level, but are designed more for skill levels in the high school to NHL range.

Competition: Bauer Pro Roll, Reebok Pro Roll and Eagle PPF gloves all compare. All of these gloves feature pro-like qualities, like the Franchise gloves.

Video: The below video shows the Warrior Franchise Gloves:

Conclusion: If you want to have hands like the pros then you should consider putting your hands in what the pros are wearing.

Get It Now: Total Hockey is your source for all hockey equipment, including the Warrior Franchise gloves. With a huge selection of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Total Hockey has it all. Visit today. Total Hockey. We Don’t Do Anything Else.

Vaughn Velocity 4 Series, Improves Upon Previous V3 Perfection

Vaughn_V4_postThe Vaughn Velocity 4 series includes leg pads, blocker and catch glove. It is an enhanced version of the popular V3 series, offering increased protection and a lighter feel. The following is a review from on this new technology for top-notch goalies!

Overview: Vaughn’s new Velocity 4 "V4" (leg pads, blocker and catch glove) is an upgrade from the very popular V3 Series. The new V4 series is similar to V3, but with many improvements.

Two key upgrades in the V4 leg pad construction include a narrowing pad body, which decreases the pad's weight making it 15% lighter than the previous version. Brand new internal HD boards allow a stiffer blocking surface that keeps the pad in its original shape without losing height or stiffness during the break-in process. Additionally, the straps are reconstructed to allow for adjustments. Vaughn also moved the location of a few straps to increase mobility.

The Velocity 7600 Blocker features a higher level of finger protection as well as a contoured palm design with curved fingers for a more natural, comfortable feel and better grip on the stick. In addition, the new V4 blocker's front board is tilted forward allowing for a better blocking angle on the puck.

The catch glove, like the pads and blocker, is much like the V3 with some improvements. The new V4 catch glove has a wider thumb loop "tunnel" for more control and protection, reducing the thumb angle. This glove also features a pro-spec beefed up palm and increased finger padding designed for added protection.

Skill Level: The Vaughn Velocity 4 is made for  goalies who are playing at the highest levels: - junior, college or professional. This series is worn by many goaltenders in the NHL.

Competition: If you liked the V3 series then there is no competition! This set is an upgrade of this existing top-of-the-line series.

Conclusion: The Vaughn Velocity 4 7600 Series is what the pros wear. If you want to elevate your game or if you plan to move to the next skill level, the V4 series could be the perfect selection to enhance your game.

Total Hockey Note: Do you have a product you would like us to review? If so, please feel free to email us at

Editor’s Note: Total Hockey is your source for all hockey equipment, including the Vaughn Velocity 4 With a huge selection of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Total Hockey has it all. Visit today. Total Hockey, We Don’t Do Anything Else!  Receive 10% off your purchases from when you use the code “GTGTBLC” (Some Restrictions May Apply).

Elevate Your Game with Reebok Revoke Pro Zone Series

Reebok_PROZONE_postThe Reebok Revoke Pro Zone Series offers a complete selection of goalie equipment, including leg pads, blocker and trapper. This series was developed for the NHL and is now available for purchase. Below is a review by of this professional goalie equipment package.

Overview: Reebok’s new Revoke Pro Zone Series (leg pads, blocker and trapper) is taking goalies by storm. Made in the infamous Lefevre Factory in Quebec Canada, a pioneer in goaltending equipment, the Revoke PZ set features aspects similar to the Premier III Pro Series, as well as some new features.

Along with a new design, one major improvement in the Revoke PZ Leg Pads is the Double Knee Break, which allows for softer flex for an easier butterfly. Additionally, the Goal Catch Glove features an EPE-injected cuff constructed not only to absorb impact, but also to prevent puck skip over.

Skill Level: The Revoke PZ set was created for NHL goalies; thus, it should be worn by serious goalies who aspire to taking their game to the next level.

Competition: The Reebok Revoke PZ is worn by many of the best goaltenders in the world, making them one of the top contenders in the goaltending.

Conclusion: The Reebok Pro Zone Series is exactly what the pros are wearing. If you want to elevate your game or if you’re moving to the next level, then Reebok’s Revoke PZ’s could be perfect for you to enhance your game.

Total Hockey Note:
Do you have a product you would like us to review? If so, please feel free to email us at

Editor’s Note: Total Hockey is your source for all hockey equipment, including the Reebok Revoke Pro Zone Series. With a huge selection of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Total Hockey has it all. Visit today. Total Hockey. We Don’t Do Anything Else!  Receive 10% off your purchases from when you use the code “GTGTBLC” (Some Restrictions May Apply).

Make Your Move with the New Reebok 11K Hockey Skates

reebok_11K_skate_postThe new 11K Skates are the latest offering from Reebok. The following review from Total details features of this state of the art skate.

Overview: Reebok unveils the newest version of the pump skate series in the 11K. These lightweight skates are designed to literally lock your foot in place, maximizing energy transfer from foot to blade with every single stride. This allows players impeccable acceleration in both power and speed, which means you can go from a complete stop to a breakaway within a matter of seconds.

The construction of the 11Ks are improved from the 9K, providing the player with increased mid-ankle support and a snug comfortable heel fit that contours to the foot. This optimized structure is designed to strengthen and enhance the overall performance and endurance of the skates. In addition, the redesigned pump inflator and lace lock create an even more customized fit than before.

Video: The following is Reebok's short promo video of this newly released skate.

Skill Level: The 11K skates are designed for all players looking for the most personalized fit that also provides comfort and increases speed.

Competition: The 11K skates are the lightest skates ever produced by Reebok. Reebok’s improved heel lock system and ankle support provides players with more acceleration power and speed in every stride.

Conclusion: The 11K skates are the latest invention produced with Reebok’s innovative technology. The 11Ks provide players with incomparable comfort and overall feel and their lightweight design maximize energy transfer through improved stability and structural support. The 11K skates are unlike any skate in the history of Reebok.

Total Hockey Note: Do you have a product you would like us to review? If so, please feel free to email us at

Editor’s Note: Total Hockey is your source for all hockey equipment, including the 11K skates. With a huge selection of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Total Hockey has it all. Visit today. Total Hockey. We Don’t Do Anything Else! Receive 10% off your purchases from when you use the code “GTGTBLC” (Some Restrictions May Apply).

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